Work Performance System

Digital work efficiency control system
Better use of working time through eliminating time-wasting.
Applicability to both production and service sector companies.
Short time of full implementation and integration with client systems.
Low system function costs.
Reports tailored to client individual needs.
Access on desktops and mobile devices, regardless of location.
Complete and current information on the team's activities.
Perfect supplementation to target-oriented management system.
Real-time and historical data analysis.
Precise settlement of labour costs allowing allowing to increase price competitiveness.
The possibility of using data in the incentive system.

System implementation and service

Implementation scheme

  • 1. Pre-implementation audit
  • 2. Initial configuration and system test
  • 3. System architecture arrangement
  • 4. Offer and client's decision
  • 5. Adaptation of the product to client requirements
  • 6. Installation
  • 7. Training and launch

Necessary infrastructure on the client's side

  • Apache server/PHP 7.3/MySQL 5.6/phpmyadmin
  • Providing 230 V power supply for each of the loggers
  • Ensuring wired or wireless (WiFi) communication with the server

After-sales service includes

  • Service and repair of terminals (loggers)
  • Assistance in configuration and adjustment of settings to the specifics of the activity
  • Responding to errors reported by the program

The service does not include

  • Training in using the program
  • Customer database analysis
  • Cyclic backup of files and databases

Price offer and contact details

To prepare the initial price offer, please provide some basic information: